Maintaining Your List of Subscribers

People join your list for more information about the niche you are in. In order to keep people on your list, you will need to provide them with high quality, no cost information on a routine basis. You can do this using various methods.

You could send out an informative email, publish a weekly newsletter, setup a blog and provide your list with the links to posts you think they may be interested in, provide HONEST reviews about products in your niche, hold a weekly workshop, produce videos and/or audios that are about a specific subject that people on your list are interested in, and on and on.

• Send informative emails – You could send an informative article by email. If you chose to send your list information in this way, your email should only include information, no promotions at all. Save the promotions for another email.

• Publish a newsletter at set intervals – If you decide to publish a newsletter, your newsletter should contain at least one high quality, informative article about something in your chosen niche. In addition, your newsletter could contain links to articles, resources, or any other information you think your subscribers would be interested in.

Always publish your newsletter according to a set schedule, for example every Tuesday at 10 am. Your subscribers will soon learn when you publish your newsletter and will watch for it as long as it contains information they want to read about.

One advantage of publishing a newsletter is that you can include a section where you chat with your subscribers. In this section you could talk about what you are doing in your business as well as in your personal life and anything interesting that is happening in either. If you publish your newsletter in HTML, you could even include pictures of your family, your vacation, your new home, etc. This will help you to build a relationship with your list.

Always include a blurb asking your subscribers for feedback about the articles you have written.

• Setup a blog – Instead of publishing an email newsletter, you may want to set up a blog. While the search engines love blogs, the disadvantage is that people can read your content without subscribing to your list. So you may want to post very short articles and then tell visitors that they can learn more about the subject of your blog (your niche) in the weekly emails you send to those on your list.

• Write reviews about new products – More than likely your subscribers will want to know about new products in your niche. ALWAYS include the good, the bad, and the ugly when reviewing a product. Your subscribers will trust you more if you tell them what is missing or what is wrong with a product instead of always writing great reviews about every single one.

But, you can write about the negative aspects without losing the sale. For example, you could say something like: ‘While PRODUCT NAME does not really explain XYZ very well, it does thoroughly cover ABC.’

Then you could create a product which supplies the missing information. Using it as a bonus may close the sale for you.

• Hold weekly or monthly workshops – Since your subscribers joined your list primarily to learn about something in your niche, holding a one hour workshop where you teach them about something they want more information about will appeal to many of your subscribers.

An added advantage is that you can record the workshop and when you have 10 or more related videos, you can produce a ten hour video product which you can then sell as a stand-alone product or as an upsell to another product you have created.

• Produce informative videos and/or audios – You could also create a series of short videos or audios about something in your niche. Upload them and send the link to your subscribers. Again, an added advantage is that you will also be creating a product which you can sell.

These are just a few of the ways that you can provide your subscribers with information. Use your imagination to come up with other ways.

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